Panca Harapan Foundation History


Panca Harapan Foundation (YPH) is a social organization that on the issue of health care, education and improving quality of life ,including disaster relief.


Established on May 9, 2009 in Tangerang, Panca Harapan Foundation (YPH) is a social organization that is concerned about the problem of Health, Education and improving quality of life, including disaster relief.

YPH established by and for the initiation Djonny Mr. Taslim (as the owner and founder of Panca Budi Group), a group he started the business from scratch. As a successful businessman he wants to do and to share happiness to disadvantaged communities in Indonesia, especially those around the company is located.

As the name implies Panca Harapan, it is expected YPH can help people meet their needs through five main activities, namely health, education, compensation, morality and natural disaster relief.

Concern YPH on health issues, especially the role of the community to want to donate blood is very high this is in line with the availability of a blood bag today who still can not meet the needs of the ideal society To that YPH committed to fully support the blood donation that was developed and in cooperation with the local Red Cross. Likewise with other health issues crate free medical care, improved nutritional and forth.

In the field of education YPH help provide assistance in improving the quality of education in rural schools through the help of physical means, the development of school libraries, school health facilities and infrastructure as well as support student stationery and school stationery.

Likewise in three other sectors including helping natural disaster YPH have done so in many locations.

In carrying out its activities YPH always supported entirely by volunteers (volunteers) who fought together to help people get out of his predicament.