Panca Harapan Foundation Pay Attention Of Public Health


Got a healthy lifestyle is the right of every human , let achieve a healthy life together Panca Harapan Foundation for everyone.


Yayasan Panca Harapan (YPH) as social organizations who take shelter in the Panca Budi Group always strives to provide the best service and assistance to the community, through programs implemented YPH would seek a partner in improving the quality of life. One form YPH committed to support them through the health sector, especially for the underprivileged. Activities undertaken include, among others: Blood donation, Medicine Aid for community, help to improve Toddler Nutrition malnutrition / lacking and environmental health as well as support the provision of sanitation and clean water.

For blood donation YPH have committed to support PMI in increasing the coverage of a blood bag so that people do not have problems / difficulties when needed.

To further strengthen this cooperation on 17 September 2012 YPH has signed a memorandum of understanding to establish cooperation with the Red Cross blood donation Tangerang city.

As the realization of this cooperation, regularly every 3 (three) months YPH conducting blood donation among the internal Panca Budi Group as well as other locations in the city of Tangerang and surrounding areas. It is hoped it will be able to increase the number of blood bags needed by the community. In carrying out its activities YPH always helped by volunteers (volunteers) incorporated in the Volunteer YPH. YPH too often in cooperation with other parties such as universities, private or community Organization to carry out blood donation in their respective locations.

For free mass treatment activities, YPH cooperate with various parties such as universities and health centers and has provided free medical services in some areas of Greater Jakarta and Sukabumi West Java. These activities are always carried out in areas of community has limitations on access to health services.

For the development assistance activities of sanitation and water supply will be gradual process, as do triggered, making the deal, and form of the maintenance team of sanitation facilities and clean water and do in the village of East Kampung Melayu sub district Teluk Naga, District Tangerang. This activity in collaboration with local health centers (Puskesmas) are assisted by a cadre of public health and community leaders ..