Panca Harapan Foundation Care In Realizing Good Education


Create education is good for every human being that is our dream , Please join Panca Harapan Foundation to educate the nation through a good education .


Improving the quality of education in Indonesia uneven is the background YPH to get involved and help and support for this education sector. It is merely an attempt YPH participation in improving the quality of existing human resources. The role of the private sector in this regard through YPH Panca Budi Group is expected as one of the efforts of private parties and social organizations concerned with the problem of education, to support the achievement of which is that the quality of education in Indonesia is more uniform and higher quality.
In every year Panca Budi Group (a group of companies in the sector of the plastic bag) through YPH has budgeted some funds to assist the government and society in terms of improving the quality of education
The activities carried out in the form of assistance to students and to the school, such as:
- Procurement of stationery students.
- Procurement of bags and shoes.
- Assistance in the form of educational facilities of a physical nature such as: renovation of schools, school toilet Renovation, Repair library facility
- Supply Means learn as Chair, Desk, Wardrobe learn, chalkboard and teacher's desk.
- Other activities that support teaching and learning activities.

Some schools are assisted and partnered with YPH include:
Private schools Al Hafiz Al Bantani Cikande, School Children Fishermen Pelita Bahari Muara Angke, North Jakarta, Junior Open village of Muara Teluk Naga, school informal house Wasps Tanah Tinggi Tangerang, School of Non-Formal (SNF) FEB UI Depok, Kartini Emergency School and much more more.